Huizinga - Snijder Shipbrokers B.V.

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Huizinga & Snijder B.V., consisting of Peter Huizinga, Jan Snijder and Mark Cornelissen, has been in business for over 15 years.Since 2010 we have been located at our trusted spot along the New Meuse River in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands.We specialise in the purchasing and sales of virtually all floating objects for river transport, sea transport, dredging, offshore, etc.Our experience enables us to assist you in solving any maritime issue you may have (in the broadest sense), including the provision of transport solutions for both dry and wet transport. In addition we can help you find the best type of financing for various projects.Due to our cooperation with several reputable shipyards we can also provide new constructions, repairs, renovations, construction kits, etc.You have also come to the right place for foreign transactions, as well as selling ships to foreign companies, including all the paperwork associated with these transactions.Transport solutions in various countries are also among the possibilities. Our database provides us with a wide range of ships and floating objects.If the object you are looking for is not found in the database, we are perfectly capable of finding it through our extensive network. More than 1000 ships have now been sold through our agency.


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